If you enjoy looking at pictures of the spectacular peaks of the High Sierra, then you've come to the right place. My climbing (actually 'peak-bagging') career started at age 19 (when I dropped out of college), and continued until I was about 40 (when I got married). In the course those years, I went on hundreds of trips to the mountains. I nearly always had my 35mm camera with me and took many thousands of pictures.

Unfortunately, since this was well before digital cameras were common, all those afore mentioned images were shot in the form of 35mm slides- many thousands of them. (They take up an entire large book case plus several boxes in one of our closets.) Slides don't last forever no matter how careful you are about storing them, so several years ago, I bought a fairly decent slide scanner and got to work digitizing them. It's a slow (but fun) process that I can only do in my spare time (rare). Even after more than seven or eight years of scanning, I've barely reached the halfway mark.

Once in a while, I come across an image that I like and I hope will transition properly to the Web for online viewing. I do a slight amount of editing to clean up dust specs and to compensate for the fact that the image will be viewed on a computer screen instead of a projector screen. These are the images you will find here on this site. I hope that you will be able to browse through a few of them before you leave.


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